Halo is for airline employees, their dependents, and travel guests. It provides direct and automated access into the non-rev systems.Halo has two modes:

  • Interactive mode (AA's Travel Planner)
  • Gofer mode

In Interactive mode, Halo will connect in seconds, where you can interact with the non-rev system(s). Halo remembers your logon information.


Gofers are Halo’s way of automatically retrieving information from non-rev sites. Multiple Gofers can be configured and then processed at one time. The results are then saved off-line. The results can also be emailed or printed. One button press and Halo will automatically connect and update previous Gofer results to the latest information.


Supported Airlines:

  • AA

Halo is available for Mac, Windows, iPad (e.Halo), and iPhone (e.Halo Gofers)

Halo Includes Check-In Automation


Problem: First Come First Serve (FCFS) has been instituted for the non-rev standby list, so your place on the standby list is determined by what time you check-in for the first leg of your non-rev listing; and check-in can occur no earlier than 24 hours prior. To pilots and flight attendants this presents an immediately apparent disadvantage: they are often flying 24 hours prior to their non-rev flight!


Solution: An automated and unattended check-in. It is called Advance Check-In (ACI). This is not a check-in service. All you need is your computer, Halo, and a PNR (Passenger Name Record, or non-rev listing). Halo does the rest.


Is Halo "Allowed" for Check-In?

Non-rev policy at AA states,

"...Check-in is only available through authorized sources, such as Travel Planner, Mobi.aa.com (and the JetAway app for American employees), self-service machines at the airport or with an agent..."

Because Halo uses your default browser settings it is like using Internet Explorer or Safari. It is personal technology, not a check-in service.


Note: Currently ACI works only for domestic. If there are any international legs in your PNR, ACI will fail to check you in.



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